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Dominate the boards

Learn how to be successful in the low post and dominate the boards as well as your competition! That’s what a great big man is all about.

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Effective drills for every skill set

Our warm-up drills as well as the one-on-one drills shown in this video cover every important aspect of efficient big man training, including rebounding and dunking.

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Developed by Ralph Junge, head coach and founder of Urspring Basketball Academy

The head coach and shooting doctor of the Steeples is one of the most successful coaches in German youth basketball. Numerous talents were able to go to colleges or join pro teams because of his coaching. This is your chance to benefit from his vast experience and his expert knowledge as well.

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Specifically designed for Big Men – Be effective in the low post

Basketball training is simply more effective if it is tailored to a position. This is especially valid for big men.

For centers and forwards

Your power forwards and centers should go through drills that are specifically designed for the requirements of becoming a successful low post player.

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Set up professional big man training sessions

The drills shown in this training video allow you to plan and conduct training sessions professionally and creatively. Be organized and successful!

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Become a better basketball player

You will not only able to improve your low post game with the drills shown in this video, you will also become a better and more effective overall player.

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For all age groups

Anyone willing to improve his or her game will benefit from this training video, whether you’re a young prospect or an experienced vet.


  • Warm-Up: Center
  • Off The Lane
  • Reading The Defense
  • Big Man Shooting
  • Dunking Drill
  • One-on-One Drill
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  • Ralph Junge
    Ralph Junge

    Founder and director of Urspring Basketball Academy
    Head Coach of Erdgas Ehingen/Urspring Academy (Pro A Team)
    NBBL Champions 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013
    JBBL Champions 2011