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Become a better playmaker

Going through playmaking drills is a must for any good point guard. This video helps you to improve your playmaking skills and will make you a better point guard.

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Effective drills tailored to point guards and shooting guards

With the drills shown in our video you can work on your shooting, passing and playmaking skills effectively.

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Developed by Ralph Junge, Head coach and founder of Urspring Basketball Academy

The head coach and shooting doctor of the Steeples is one of the most successful coaches in German youth basketball. Numerous talents were able to go to colleges or join pro teams because of his coaching. This is your chance to benefit from his vast experience and his expert knowledge.

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Creative swingman training

Head coach Ralph Junge and his staff have developed a variety of creative swingman drills for you to use in your training program.

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For coaches and players

This video is the perfect tool not only for coaches who want to set up creative and effective training sessions, but also for ambitious players who want to work on their game individually.

For all ages and talent levels

Anyone willing to improve his or her game will benefit from the drills, whether you’re a recreational athlete, amateur or a pro!

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With JBBL, NBBL and Pro A players

Train just like the pros and the junior level players of Erdgas Ehingen and the Urspring Academy squads.


  • Combination drills
  • Shooting drills
  • Warm-Up: layup variations
  • One-on-One in transition
  • Dunking Drill
  • Jordan Move Series
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  • Ralph Junge
    Ralph Junge

    Founder and director of Urspring Basketball Academy
    Head Coach of Erdgas Ehingen/Urspring Academy (Pro A Team)
    NBBL Champions 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013
    JBBL Champions 2011