Your new way to winning one-on-one situations

Learning how to win one-on-one situations with ease. Coach Nowak’s approach to supporting kids in the learning process is to work with them on the moves individually. Each player has different strengths and weaknesses, therefore his training is designed to teach the kids the fundamentals which then allow them to choose their favorite moves, or, better yet, even create their own ones.

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Developed by Matthias Nowak, technical skills coach of FC Bayern Munich (Women), individual coach for pro-level players

For a while coach Nowak learned his craft in Brazil, the mecca of technical skills and tricks. He not only utilizes his effective training methods for the women’s squad of FC Bayern Munich, he also trains young talents and pros individually.

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7 Secrets

Along with showing you the new moves coach Nowak also lets you in on the seven secrets of becoming a successful football player. We don’t want to give away too much but having the right attitude is an important factor in meeting challenges and improving as a football player in general.

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Expand your repertoire of moves and tricks

Get your copy of „Football / Soccer tricks for kids“ now and learn many new moves that even the international superstars of football utilize to fool their defenders.

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Nifty moves and clever tricks

„Impudence wins“ – this holds true in certain situations on the pitch as well. The more moves you got the easier it is for you to learn new feints and tricks. What’s even better is that you’ll be able to utilize them when it counts, and that’s in a match!

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Improve your ability to control the ball, your coordination and your spatial awareness

Whenever you’re working on new moves you’re automatically training important skills and abilities like ball control, coordination and spatial awareness. This will not only expand your repertoire of moves, it will make you a better overall player.

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Innovative training methods for future playmakers

Most top footballers in the world are also the most creative players of their respective teams. Even though feints and tricks don’t automatically make you a great player, a high level of creative energy is extremely useful in modern football. With the moves shown in our video you will be able to put your creativity to the test and upgrade your game tremendously.

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Become a unique player

Our training philosophy is to prioritize the player as an individual. Each player is different and therefore not every player is able to master the moves in the same way. You should rather try to find their own style and focus on the moves that suit you best. And who knows, maybe one day a trick will be named after you…

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  • Matthias Nowak
    Matthias Nowak

    Individual coach for pro-level players,
    Technical skills coach FC Bayern Munich (Women)