Football / soccer athletic training

Strength and fitness drills based on the concepts of SpVgg Unterhaching’s youth academy


Lay the foundation for success and a maximum level of performance

Athleticism is a cornerstone in every sport. It’s impossible for athletes to get the most out of themselves without having a high fitness level.
The drills shown in the video enable you to set up effective individual training routines that lay the foundation for a maximum level of performance and a minimal risk of injury.
Your own personal way to success!

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Effective drills without the need of expensive tools or devices

This highly effective workout designed by rehab and athletic coach Schorsch Wallner can easily be integrated into everyday life. You won’t need expensive devices or tools - the workout can be done at home or on the training field.

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A professional workout program – for everyone

The drills are based on the latest results of elaborate sport-scientific studies and they play an integral part in the training routine of SpVgg Unterhaching.
This professional workout program is your perfect guide to achieve a resilient and athletic physique – whether you’re a recreational or a professional athlete.

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In cooperation with the youth academy of SpVgg Unterhaching

  • Schorsch Wallner
    Schorsch Wallner

    Rehab and Athletic coach of SpVgg Unterhaching

  • Manfred „Manni“ Schwabl
    Manfred „Manni“ Schwabl

    President of SpVgg Unterhaching
    Retired Bundesliga pro
    Former national team player
    FC Bayern München
    1.FC Nürnberg
    TSV 1860 München
    3 German Bundesliga titles
    German cup winner

  • Claus Schromm
    Claus Schromm

    Sporting director SpVgg Unterhaching



  • In-depth drill descriptions
  • Movement Preps: effective warm-up routine for youth and pro teams
  • 20-minute interactive workout
  • Bonus: 10-station circle training
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