Creative drills and training schedules for an entire season – in no time

This training video helps you to set up and to carry out creative and professional football training sessions for kids. You’ll be able to establish an effective training program for the entire season.

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Developed by former Bundesliga pro and current coach Ingo Anderbrügge

The former Bundesliga pro Ingo Anderbrügge has been working with kids and teens for over fifteen years and now you can also benefit from his vast playing and coaching experience. Set up an effective training program based on the expert knowledge of a football legend.

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More training fun for coaches and players

The training drills shown in this video cover all important aspects of training for children, but especially at this age, fun should be paramount. This is why the drills presented are designed to yield a perfect mix of creativity, effectivity and fun – for coaches and players.

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Well-structured and organized practice planning

The clear and systematic classification of the drills allow you to plan and to work in a well-structured fashion throughout the entire season. They’re also a perfect foundation for further drill variations and training programs.

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Your coach

  • Ingo Anderbrügge
    Ingo Anderbrügge

    Former Bundesliga pro
    Borussia Dortmund 1984–1988
    FC Schalke 04 1988–1999
    UEFA-Cup winner 1997
    Founder and director of the Football Factory



  • Warming up
  • passing
  • technical skills
  • coordination
  • finishing
  • training games
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Training structure

Every training session consists of five parts. A 90-minute training session should look like this:

  • 1. Getting started 15 Min.
  • 2. Main feature 20 Min.
  • 3. Game-based drill 20 Min.
  • 4. Finishing 20 Min.
  • 5. Training game 15 Min.