Innovative football / soccer drills based on the concepts of SpVgg Unterhaching’s youth academy

This is your chance to benefit from the well-structured, professional training methods of the official youth development partner of the DFB, the German Football Association. The multi-faceted drills shown in this video play an integral part in the their training program and now you have the opportunity to improve your team as well!

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Integrate football / soccer and endurance drills into team practice

The integrated endurance training methods shown in this video are much more effective and game-oriented than isolated endurance training. Our training methods are much less time-consuming and they enable you to use the ball much more frequently during the drills. You normally don’t have a lot of time to convey the basics on the youth and amateur levels, therefore integrated endurance training is the perfect tool for you to combine the improvement of technical skills with endurance training.

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Based on the most recent sport-scientific study results

Modern endurance training in football is based on sports science principles. These principles will be explained in detail by sporting director Claus Schromm. This will allow you to adequately divide your players in ability groups without having to use expensive testing procedures.

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Game-based drills instead of isolated runs

Make endurance training more fun and enjoyable with a variety of game-based drills. - Football training is supposed to be fun, even when you’re training for endurance.

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Bonus: Integrated speed and agility drills

Speed and agility training also should be done in an interesting and game-oriented way similar to endurance training. The large variety of bonus drills shown in this video can easily be incorporated into team practice. This allows you to combine the training of speed and agility with footballing aspects such as ball control, crossing, finishing and many others.

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  • Game-based drills and training games
  • Running drills with and without a ball
  • Sport scientific introduction
  • Bonus: Integrated speed and agility drills
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  • Claus Schromm
    Claus Schromm

    Sporting director SpVgg Unterhaching

  • Manuel Baum
    Manuel Baum

    DFB Pro level-coach