Your fun and enjoyable way to get your body back!

Use our workout video as a guide to regaining your body and to get back into pre-pregnancy shape! Every new mom out there now has the chance to treat herself and her body with a super effective workout routine.

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Work out at home without the need of a babysitter

Too busy to workout? Then we've got just what you need! The exercises in our video can be done with your baby, allowing you to cherish the time you have together even more.

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This post-pregnancy workout routine is individually adjustable

Our workout video enables you to determine your own personal fitness level and to adjust the intensity accordingly. With the different levels of intensity you can easily adapt the post-pregnancy workout to your physical condition. This prevents you from overtaxing your body during the pursuit of getting your pre-pregnancy body back.

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Facilitate the daily routine with your baby

Picking up your baby, walking up stairs or getting down on your knees - many of these activities in your daily routine can be quite strenuous after you gave birth. Therefore Nina's post-pregnancy workout is designed to reinvigorate the most important regions and muscle groups in your body, including your pelvis, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. The full-body workout also focuses on activating your cardiovascular system. Don't wait any longer and get your body back!

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Approved by authorized midwives!

  • Nina Heinemann
    Nina Heinemann

    Personal trainer, fitness instructor and mother