The right tactical approach for winning the ball

The main objective of pressing is to win the ball. In this video coach Baum provides in-depth explanations on the pros and cons of each of the pressing variations a team could apply. His profound tactical background enables him to demonstrate the right tactical approach for winning the ball in an easily comprehensible and effective manner.

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Defensive compactness through effective shifting patterns

A team is tough to beat if the players know how to shift effectively on the defensive end. Defensive compactness is crucial to the team’s success. This video is the perfect guide to optimizing the defensive strategy of your team.

Putting the opposing team under heavy pressure

Pressing is all about making life tough for the opposing team. An effective pressing scheme frequently leads to bad passes. Learn how your team can apply pressure by using the right timing and spacing.

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Avoiding counter attacks by reinforcing the defense

„Offense wins games, defense wins championships!“ also applies in football. Effective pressing strategies stabilize your defense and reduce the risk of falling victim to counter attacks.

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In-depth explanations by tactics expert Manuel Baum

This is your chance to benefit from the expert knowledge of a DFB-licensed pro-level coach and a renowned tactician. Lead your team to success!


  • Defensive pressing, midfield pressing, offensive pressing
  • Tactical formations
  • Implementation guidelines
  • How to avoid counter attacks
  • Open and closed ball principles
  • Post game analysis
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  • Manuel Baum
    Manuel Baum

    DFB-Licensed Pro-Level Coach