Maximize your dynamic body control

Every athlete strives for a maximum amount of body control and agility. This not only requires a perfect synergy between mind and body, but also a specific training of your visual skills. By combining the agility ladder drills with both the additional cognitive and visual tasks you’ll be able to optimize all of these aspects in the most effective way possible.

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Optimize your perceptual skills, your reaction speed and your quality in movement

Perceptual skills are crucial in sports. The faster an athlete is able to see the ball, a teammate or the open space, the better and the more effective his decisions and movements will be. Our video is the perfect guide to optimizing the cross-linkage between your eyes, your brain and the movements that you have to be able to execute in order to become a prolific, quick-thinking athlete.

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The perfect combination of coordination, mental and visual training

Visual coordination training is creative and challenging, and it’s a great way to improve both your agility and your coordination skills. Additionally you will be able to expand your range of motion tremendously.

The importance of a wide
range of motion
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Reacting quicker and „seeing faster“

The goal of visual coordination training is to improve your peripheral vision and to „see faster“ while simultaneously increasing your reaction speed. This will enable you to eke out the pivotal seconds that can decide the outcome of games.

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Intelligent running drills with additional tasks and many variations

Working with an agility ladder primarily helps you to improve your overall quickness and the stability in your ankles. The additional cognitive and visual tasks that are being done during the drills make this training form tremendously more effective and holistic. You will be able to enhance your agility while simultaneously optimizing the synergy between your eyes, your brain and your body.

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For all age groups and skill sets

The drills will enable you to improve your ability to make quick decisions. Success in most sports such as football, hockey and basketball hinges on physical and mental quickness as well as good visual skills – regardless whether you’re a recreational athlete or a pro.

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Perceive it, process it, put it into action – optimize your cognitive skills

Every athlete needs to have superb reaction speed and at the same time be able to process information instantly. Therefore it is indispensable to train your cognitive skills. Visual coordination training allows you to optimize both your visual skills and your ability to process information. A cool and calm state of mind is a major ingredient in the recipe for success.

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  • Samir Tanjo
    Samir Tanjo

    Mental coach, Visual coordination coach

  • Matthias Nowak
    Matthias Nowak

    Individual coach for professional football / soccer players
    Technical skills coach FC Bayern Munich (Women)
    Mental coach

Training scope and contents:

  • Basic agility ladder drills
  • Cognitive tasks
  • Additional tasks (arm movements)
  • Visual tasks

We’re showing you many different drills from each of these categories in the video. Each drill can be combined with one or more drills from any of the other three categories. As a result you will have a variety of effective drills that will lead to excellent training results.